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Your Roadmap to Richmond

The first year of college comes with new experiences, new people, and a lot of choices to make and things to explore. So what's the best way to navigate these changes and continue to excel academically?

Roadmap combines a pre-semester experience before orientation with monthly dinners and events during the academic year to help first-year students transition into the academic and social life of Richmond with greater success. Roadmap connects a student to a dedicated faculty member from the first day they arrive on campus; the faculty member not only teaches their short course during the pre-semester experience, but serves as a student's academic advisor until they declare a major their sophomore year.

During Roadmap students interact with faculty, staff, administrators, and upper-class students who will offer advice and help on a variety of topics through both the pre-semester experience and the academic year. These topics include:

  • Understanding the power of a liberal arts education
  • Developing work-life balance habits in college
  • Effectively using academic support services
  • Becoming a member of the University of Richmond community
  • Becoming engaged in the surrounding community and city of Richmond
  • Considering paths to careers and courses

Roadmap also allows for students to make bonds and form friendships with a smaller group of new students, before the rest of the first-year class moves in later that week. Past Roadmappers regularly tell us that the friends they make during Roadmap remain their friends during the first-year and help make the transition to Orientation and the school year easier. 

Registration Information

The registration deadline is July 1, 2021. Registration is on a rolling basis and registration is confirmed every Friday by email to the student's email address. Register Now!

Size: The program can accommodate 240 first-year students, which represents 30% of the first-year class.

Cost: None to you. All expenses are covered by the Roadmap program.

Other Transition Programs

In addition to Roadmap, the University of Richmond offers several transition program experiences that occur prior to the fall semester beginning, including:

Appalachian Trail Adventure

Multicultural Affairs Pre-Orientation

ROTC Transition Program

International Education Orientation
(Required for all incoming international students.  Dual-citizens, Americans living abroad, and international students who have attended school in the U.S. may request an exemption to International Orientation in order to participate in Roadmap)

Because these programs occur during the same time, students may only participate in one of these opportunities. All of these opportunities have a registration deadline of July 1, 2021.