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Roadmap Student Assistants

The Roadmap faculty and staff would have a difficult time without the help of our Roadmap Student Assistants. Our student assistants come to campus early to welcome Roadmap families and help students with the transition to campus.

Throughout the duration of the program, they will be available to make sure students find their way to seminars and classes. They will also assist Roadmap faculty and staff to keep the program running smoothly.

The Roadmap student assistants, who are all former Roadmap participants, are eager to help and are a great resource for advice and information.

2017 Roadmap Student Assistants

Daniela Amador, 
Student assistant for: Building the Community: Mandela's Way
Hometown: Miami, FL
Major: Political Science and American Studies with a minor in Education and Society
Interests: Spanish and Latino Student Alliance (SALSA), peer Advisors and Mentors Program, Student Development
"I was excited, yet nervous, coming to college.  The Roadmap program gave me the opportunity to come to campus early and meet and connect with other incoming students as well as faculty before classes began.  It helped ease my transition into college life and, by the end, I was even more confident in my decision to come to Richmond - excited to make it my new home."

Do Picture
Jay Do, '20
Student assistant for: What is Home?
Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Proposed Major: Art History and Business Administration (with concentrations in Marketing and Art Management)
Interests: art, graphic design,fashion, sloths
"I did Roadmap because I decided that it would be a good idea to get a head start on experiencing not only the physical campus, but also the campus culture. I made multiple friends who were equally as nervous or confused as I was and it was a morale builder knowing that other students were feeling the same way that I did. However, because I got to choose my Roadmap course, my academic advisor really had the same interests as me and helped me successfully manoeuver through my first year."

Fleischer Image
Eliana Fleischer
Student assistant for: Media Matters
Hometown: Glencoe, IL
Proposed Major: Leadership and American Studies
Interests: Club Soccer, Club Quidditch, Honor Council, Greek Life, Hillel
"I was excited to get to Richmond early to start getting to know the campus and meeting people. Roadmap helped me find a community of friends from the moment I arrived and made me feel more comfortable by the time school began."

Sean Frey
, '18
Student assistant for: Rhythm & Blues
Hometown: Hellam, PA
Proposed Major: Economics
Interests: Club Quidditch, Off the Cuff a capella, Theatre, IM staff
"I wanted to get on campus and get involved as soon as possible.  It helped me get used to campus and form relationships early on."

Haskins Pic
Mallory Haskins
Student assistant for: I Know Kung Fu
Hometown: DeRuyter, NY
Proposed Major: Biology and LAIS
Interests: Delta Epsilon Mu (the pre-health co-ed fraternity), Martial Arts, Passport Cafe assistant, Peer Advistors and Mentors Program (PAM), IM sports
"Roadmap made me feel like a college student. Before participating in Roadmap, I was so nervous about starting college but by the time Roadmap ended I felt like an expert at my school. Roadmap really made me feel comfortable in my new home while having an incredible time."

Tianni Ivey
, '18
Student assistant for: Speaking Up When Our Values are at Stake
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Proposed/Intended Major: Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law
Interests: Student Conduct Council, Student Government, Phi Alpa Delta pre-law fraternity
"I was extremely nervous about leaving for college, but Roadmap made that transition a smooth one.  Not only did I have the chance to explore campus before everyone else arrived for orientation, I met an amazing group of faculty, staff and students who made me feel at home."

Kirk Pic
Alex Kirk
, '20
Student assistant for: The Hamilton Revolution
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Proposed Major: Business Economics and Leadership Studies
Interests: Sophomore Scholars in Residence, Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Investing
"Coming from across the country, I knew absolutely no one when I arrived on campus for the first day of Roadmap. Luckily, I walked straight into a group of like-minded people in the same boat as me and just as excited to begin the college experience, something made much less daunting by the Roadmap short course and the experienced students and faculty members ready to answer any questions or solve any problems I may have had."

Lee Pic
Angella Lee, '19
Student assistant for: The Politics of Food
Hometown: Burke, VA
Major: Chemistry on a Pre-Pharmacy track
Interests: Healthweb, Block Crew, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Korean American Student Association
“I chose to do Roadmap because I wanted to overcome the challenge of adjusting to a new college environment. I can say with full confidence that Roadmap helped me accomplish this goal because not only was I exposed to how college courses are structured, but also I was able to meet my Richmond Spiders family early, where I made my closest friends.”

paige levine
Paige Levine
Student assistant for: A New Start: Relationships, Connections, and College
Hometown: Arlington, TX
Proposed Major: History
Interests: UR tour guide, Sophomore Scholars in Residence, UR Players
"I was extremely excited to do Roadmap because I knew it would give me a head start getting to know the campus, my classmates, and my academic advisor. What started as an experience I chose for practical reasons turned into my favorite part of orientation. It even put me in contact with classmates who quickly became friends."

Josh Martin
, '18
Student assistant for: The Civil War in Richmond
Hometown: Kinzers, PA
Proposed Major: German/International Business
Interests: Club soccer, Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, German Club
"I Roadmapped because I liked the idea of moving in early and getting a jump start on college. Roadmap helped me by giving me a group of great friends and made me more comfortable in my transition to college."

Maren Miller
, '18
Student assistant for: I Grew Up at the Movies
Hometown: Colleyville, TX
Proposed/Intended Major: Leadership Studies
Interests: WILL*, living-learning community, tour guide, student blogger
"I did Roadmap because I was so excited to start college that I loved the idea of getting to UR as soon as possible. Thanks to Roadmap I had extra time to move in (which made coming from out of state less stressful), and I already knew a lot about campus by the time Orientation began."

Nick Munsen
, '18
Student assistant for: Data and Privacy in the Digital Age
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Proposed Major: International Studioes or International Business
Interests: Living Learning Community, LoL Club, Martial arts
"I participated in Roadmap in order to get to know the campus, along with the people on it. Roadmap helped me start off the year on a good note, as I got to befriend a lot of my fellow students, and it allowed me to get to know my advisor before school started."

Partida, '18
Student assistant for: Unnatural Causes: In Sickness and in Wealth
Hometown: Falls Church, VA
Proposed Major: Biology
Interests: SALSA Club, Mentor at Salem Church Middle School
"Roadmap allowed me to be part of an engaging group that shares my same interests and made the transition to a completely new environment much easier. This program helped me find my place in the Richmond community and made me realize how incredible the University of Richmond truly is."

Pazhwak Image
Arya Pazhwak, '20
Student assistant for: The Internal Ecology of the Human Being
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Proposed Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on a Pre-Med track
Interests: Peer Advisors and Mentors Program, Spider Firsts, Living-Learning Community, College Democrats, Greek Life
"As a first-generation student coming into college, I was nervous and beyond intimidated. However, Roadmap allowed me to adjust to college life before everyone else was on campus.  Couple that with taking an interesting mini-course and getting a head start on meeting your new classmates (trust me, you'll stay in touch with them), Roadmap is an amazing opportunity that every incoming freshman should take advantage of."

Slavin Image
CJ Slavin
Student assistant for: From the Classroom to the World: The Faithful Scribe
Hometown: Holden, MA
Major: Political Science and Journalism
Interests: Greek Life, Club Volleyball, Tour Guide, IM Sports, 8:15 Barista
"I was excited to come to college and I chose to do Roadmap to be able to move in early and get acquainted with the campus. Roadmap helped me make new friends before Orientation and feel more comfortable as I started college."

TJ Spicer, '20
Student assistant for: Welcome to the Real World: Doing College in a Purposeful Way
Hometown: Rumson, NJ
Proposed Major: English and Film
Interests: Mountain climbing, fencing, poetry, film, photography
"I participated in roadmap last year because I wanted to get involved on campus early. I wanted to meet my fellow students more in advance than if I had arrived only for orientation."

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